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2016 May club ride to Mt Dandy Hotel via Yarra Valley.

12 photo(s) Updated on: Wednesday, May 25, 2016
  • Zoner and Mark C.
  • Broz and Melissa, both wondering why pubs just can't use a plate !
  • The chip bandit returns. Well done Mark P.
  • Here's cheers to past friends.
  • Don't leave your wallet unattended at this table !
  • I don't know why but we keep parking our bikes next to explosive gases and a ignition source.
  • Ahhh the serenity.
  • Steve, Stef, Mark P and Broz.
  • No ! we don't always hang around at toilets.
  • Mark Parker last seen riding the wrong way down this road.
  • Waiting for the slower bunch.
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