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Tassie Trundel Febuary 2016. Please feel free to upload your photo's for all to see. Don't worry if you can't edit them as I can fix them up on site, in other words fix them from upside down or crop them to size. Sorry can't photo shop them to make you look better.

33 photo(s) Updated on: Friday, February 19, 2016
  • It started at a pub and somehow we never seemed to get out of them.
  • First stop PUB !
  • Tasmanian rail network seems to be lacking a bit of maintenance.
  • This was one of Jeff's first monumental stuff ups. Take us to a pub with no beer and closed for lunch. THANKS JEEF !
  • Not happy pub closed.
  • Seems to be happy pub closed ?????
  • This man truly has issues.
  • Man with issues dancing in the street. I KID YOU NOT !
  • Just another boring view in Tassie
  • Unfortunately the crew that followed Jeff didn't see this view as they got lost and cloud blew in before they arrived.
  • Bloody tourist.
  • More bloody tourist.
  • And now for something different "the inside of a pub"
  • Still in love even after the crash.
  • "Lucky Leo" somehow made it around Tassie.
  • With this ring I thee wed.
  • Who is this man who keeps getting in the back of photo's.
  • None of them missed a beat.
  • Two of these ran out of fuel and one kept getting lost.
  • Last stop motor museum
  • This was in the museum and we were riding them.
  • Yes that little line in the back ground is a road and we went on it !
  • Contemplating the rejection.
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