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Z Owners February Club Tour awards

  • Saturday, February 13, 2021
  • Monday, February 28, 2022
  • All over Victoria

Z Owners February Club ride as seen by "Broz" one of the few sensible people in our club. The ride was very eventful as per most Z Owner rides. Im sure you'll hear more details in the future.

Thanks Broz!

Ride awards 2021.

Firstly I have to thank Jeff for putting in a huge effort in getting this to all happen, especially when one considers the initial cancellation due to a very sudden 5 day lockdown on the eve of our ride and a then frantic effort to re schedule everything for it to proceed days later.

The ride itself was a bit like the year we just had. Some surprises, natural disasters and very interesting relationships occurred along the way, so to all of those I am about to offend, I apologize…..but then suck it up princesses

1: Firstly the REAL MEN AWARD. For the guys who rode their Zeds on a club run. The girls rode Boeing 747’s Lounge chairs and the like.

Winners :- Twiggy, Mark, Greg and Broz. Each scored a small bottle of scotch or some such.

2: The BIG V AWARDS. Those first timers on a club run, good to see them lose their virginity and long may they fly forward and conquer.

Winners:- Greg, Mark and Ian.  Winning a packet of condoms so they do it safely.

3: CONFUSED AWARD. Jeff's instruction were to turn left at the school in Trafalgar so we don’t have to zig zag through the town, what does Jeff do? Yes zig zag through town. Then there is Stef who is going to meet us at officer, no Erica, err maybe Tyres, uh uh maybe Heyfield.

The winner is Stef. Who wins a map of Victoria to help with directions.

4: LOST SOMETHING AWARD. Only one nomination Lorraine who spent an hour holding up the ride because she lost her purse only to find it in her bag.

Lorraine won a chain and clip to help attach things to her person

5: THE ROLL OVER AWARD. Bos (Russ) drops his bike, well to be fair it fell over just outside the Gippsland vehicle collection centre.

Award a sewing kit for emergencies.

From there we head to Dargo. Beautiful roads but wait is there rain on the horizon, yes 20km out and down it came followed by a little hail for good measure.


6: AA MEETING. Ronnie and Twiggy get into a competition drinking shots, We call it a draw

Award:- A shot glass each.

7: LETS JUST RIDE AWARD. Jeff is a creature of habit, he really needs to get out more and stop relying on google maps. First he takes us to Lake Tyres Beach Hotel for a beer but its closed.

Then he takes us for a 120km ride to Cann River Hotel for lunch, you can have anything on the menu as long as it’s chicken snitzel.

Award;- A chicken schnitzel, ok it’s a trick award he gets nothing.

8: FEMINIST AWARD. Meanwhile Simmo is getting a little confused, he wants to get in touch with his real self and admits to us that he is taking female hormone tablets. Actually period tablets for anti inflammatory. And they work !

It is good to come out and get things off of your chest isn’t it?

Award;- Invite to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.


9: MUTANY AWARD. Arriving at Omeo Master Jeff is met with "Fletcher" Simmo and crew who decide to lead a mutiny when Jeff booked us into a kiddie hostel at the local church.

Jeff says we are going soft, Bushy says all he wants is a bed he can fit into without his legs sticking out a meter.

Award:- Bushy gets a new bed, a future collectors item I am told.

10: SOFT COCK AWARD. Also at Omeo our spies inform us that Stef and Popeye have discreetly booked a motel room with a spa. Simmo I am told was disappointed that he received no invite.

Award:- Invite to Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and a wig for Popeye.

An oddity about these awards is that year after year the same people keep winning the same awards.


11: MAJOR SKID MARK AWARD. Simmo wins the Freddyfudpucker award and receives some stain remover to help clean his pants after being t-boned by another motorcyclist going in the opposite direction.


12: LOST AWARD. Speed yet again wins the lost boys award for getting lost, but this year he succeeded twice on the one ride. He received a map of Victoria.


13: CORNER MARKER AWARD. Truth is Red let Speed down by forgetting to wait for the support ca before he left his corner marking position, he received a model car to remind him what a car looks like.


One thing about the annual ride is each year we find out a little more about our fellow riders.

14: BEST COOK AWARD. Ian turns out to be a great cook and wins an apron

15: MOVIE STAR AWARD. Simmo will be a reality tv star after the air ambulance trip back to Melbourne, He is awarded a golden Logie.

16: WARP SPEED AWARD. Twiggy suffers from dyslexia and struggles with numbers, apparently struggles to tell the difference between 60 and 90. We donated a piggy bank to help him with a cure for this little problem.

17: BEST Z RIDER AWRD. Mark wins the iron man award for riding a Z1 and keeping up with everyone and even ramming a wallaby while still staying in the saddle.

18: JUST BUSTED AWARD. Breakdowns do occur and this year was no exception.

Stef has a water leak on the BM, Ian has a puncture, Broz breaks a chain link and hitches a ride with RACV but the winner is Jeff on the Harley who seemed to be running on air instead of oil. Awarded a large sewing kit for major repairs.


19 STIFF AWARD. There is always a hard luck story and Rab wins it when a work colleague has a bicycle accident breaking ribs and puncturing a lung to put an end to his holiday just days before we were due to leave. Rab won a bottle of Jagermeister for medicinal purposes of course.


20: BEST CAR DRIVER AWARD. Hendo our trusted support vehicle driver was very happy at Port Campbell, He was seen staggering from room to room looking for the Swedish girl, alas she left a year ago. But he did get Four Sisters to put him out of his misery.


Until next year Broz!

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