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    • Tuesday, November 17, 2015
    • 8:00 PM
    • Sunday, March 22, 2020
    • 11:00 PM


    Only listing winners as of now.

    16/02/2016 for $200 = N0:Z017 650 Simo WINNER !!

    16/08/2016 for $300 = No winner. It was then decided on the night that numbers would be drawn until prize went off. Our winner 76 "Broz" who decided to go halves with next number drawn lucky 29 "Red" received $150 each.

    16/01/2017 for $250 = No:Z082 "Louie" WINNER !!

    January 2017 Jackpot Now $250.


    1:Each financial member will be given a number that will be printed out on a list for all to see. The number will remain with member until financial year update. Should be your yearly membership number.

    2:Any new members after 2 months will be allocated a number and go on bottom of list.

    3:Barrel will be spun with 1 ball drawn. If member is at meeting they will win prize, if they are not there the prize will jackpot. Hopefully we get to see a healthy jackpot prize.

    4:Winner must be financial and at meeting to win.

    5:Prize is $50 a month jack-potting until prize is won.

    6:All current raffles and prizes will still be run on night except for the $50 (Max's) Byrners Suzuki Gift voucher no longer available, as this will be used to finance members draw. The $100 voucher will still be available.

    • Sunday, October 22, 2017
    • Monday, October 22, 2018
    • Kilcunda Hotel

    Z Owners Sunday Club Ride (For Woody) 22nd October 2017.

    Our October club ride was organised by "Popeye" to catch up with our not so well member "Woody" who turned up despite his desperate situation, for a free lunch on the club ! The day looked wet to start and didn't get much better for most of the day, this didn't deter at least 9 riders who braved the conditions for the trip to Kilcunda Hotel. Starting off with half the crew we left Knoxfield to pick up Popeye and the other half at Longwarry servo. The ride took in some spectacular scenery despite the conditions with one member having a slight off on a tricky road. We won't mention who but green bike between 899cc and 901cc and was in excellent condition (soon to be fully fixed). Woody was rapt to see us and was accompanied by his son and brother with strict orders from medical staff to return to hospital by sunset ? I don't think he could of got any sicker so I don't see what they would of done if he hadn't returned on time. To cut a long story short it was great to see Woody happy for the day, forcing down a free lunch weather he needed it or not and a chance to see old friends. Woody passed away two days later with his family thanking the club for making one of his last days special.

    Well done to all.

    • Wednesday, November 01, 2017
    • Thursday, November 01, 2018
    • Traralgon

    Vale Anthony "Woody" Woodberry 11/10/1957 - 24/10/2017

    Fantastic effort by club members to again turn up in wet conditions and over long distances to see off our late club member at Traralgon on 1st November 2017. Most people traveled a fair distance to attend from Western suburbs of Melbourne and Northern Victoria (Wangaratta). We received a big thank you from Woody's family and made the escort formation comforting and special for the family. For those who attended the club will be supplying a memorial patch free of charge with further patches available to purchase from our merchandise site soon. The day had to start early with members meeting at Knoxfield and picking up some half way to attend on time. Also some members attending in cars from places afar. Unusually for Z Owners we were all on time making it a stress free ride. The after drinks were held at the Traralgon tennis club as they had an appropriate bar, giving members and family time to catch up. One funny situation was whilst waiting for the funeral to start the funeral director seemed to be a bit worried about getting 30 or so loud motorcyclist to move in and sit down. He was told that if he didn't make a move and get things started we would probably keep talking until dark. Again fantastic effort by our club and well done to those who attended.

    Thanks from Woody's family.

    • Sunday, November 26, 2017
    • Monday, November 26, 2018


    Yet again it F%#^*$g rained. The Z Owners have officially been contacted by the Bureau of Meteorology as a national drought breaking service for remote communities in need of rainfall. Communities will be required to organise an official motorcycle event, invite the "Z Owners" club then sit back and watch those dams fill. If this keeps up I might have to turn up on a jet-ski rather than the bike. Apart from this slight hint of whinging the day went exceptionally well with a good spread of members from afar. We had recently new member "ED" from Bunker Hill which is past Ballarat, complete a 725km round trip on his 900 to take part in the day. As well as "BOS" brother of Simmo who rode from Bairnsdale . Ride captain "Dezi" organised a great back road trek through the hills of Deziville terminating at the pub in Korumburra for lunch. It was a bit passive this year due to the dampness of the roads but we all still had a good time. Of course there was one member who decided to test the one and only rule about what bike you can ride. He was told by our ride captain Dezi in plain English to PISS OFF ! in which he did.

    See you next year !

    Note: Patches for those who participated will be available shortly.


    • Saturday, August 11, 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 11:00 PM
    • Williamstown

    You are invited to our "Z Owners" night out at Titanic Theatre Restaurant.

    Saturday 11th August 2018 @ 1 Nelson Place Williamstown. 6:30pm to 10:45pm

    Half price night out subsidised for club members and partners. $40 per person. Other people welcome but at normal price.

    Entertainment and 3 course meal included with drinks at bar prices.

    Dress in period costume or neat casual.

    Reply to Broz to secure your position on the sinking vessel. Should be a great night with all passengers surviving. Further details will follow.

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