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  • The shapes on the pants match the shape of the tank
  • Nov 2012 Mad Max Ride Day.
  • 2012 run for the kids in the R.C.H
  • Nellie and Max ignoring the KTMs
  • Is that the throttle mate? It's just like mine.
  • Max's 2 stroke 500 haha being held up by the trailer and max's mates zuki
  • sorry forgot, alz's excuse.
  • the greek clan. Frank, um/um & Jim. Louie must be hiding in the bushes.
  • Buggered if I know
  • I used a high powered lens for this shot to try and get Lex into range and look like he was with us.
  • mmmmm new boots and pants, sparkly. Max's mate Andrew.
  • Day's over, great day a few silly mechanical problems for the 640. All good.
  • Now the bullshit starts.
  • What's on Nellie's mind? "beer", or "What's my excuse for being gone allday" or "Glad that ringin noise from Max's 2 stroke has gone out of my head"
  • Louie,louie,louie and Lex, Nellie,Scuff and Me.
  • Lex admiring Graheemi,s mighty beast
  • A quick pit stop to regroup
  • This is the way to the buxton pub graheemi, last one there is shouting the beers.
  • Graheemi having a little rest.
  • Our fearless leader Lex on his mighty steed giving Graheemi some motivation.
  • Coldstream brewery
  • Here is Loz and Linda coming back with lunch from the supermarket
  • We stopped at this Micro Brewery in Coldstream it was that expensive they wanted your first born as a deposit for a beer!!
  • Here is a J waiting to go in the dumpmaster where it belongs
  • we had a pretty good roll up of mostly club compliant bikes and a 650
  • No one would park next to this J bike
  • Who's a lucky DUCK then?
  • Looks like these two are working on a new invention!! "A p p piece from here, a p p piece from there". "It just h h happended Max".
  • Here is a picture of Sarge holding his award
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